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Nightlife in Kiev

A night comes to Kiev – a great city with old history and rich culture, which is invites You to feel the its nightlife by Yourself!

During the night city tour the city differs from the day view - common places and buildings will surprise You with some new impressions from the sites that seems so well-known.

So that's why we propose You nightguiding tour with us, when You will see:

  • magnificent frescos and mosaic of St. Sophia’s Cathedral one of the most ancient on the territory of East Slavonic states; Despite we can't go inside of it - it is something increadible to see the Cathedral at night - you'll feel special atmosphere there

  • Kreschatik Street the shortest main street of the city in the world and also Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square); For sure, You were here by the day while the going to the business meeting or for a lunch, but at night this place is completely another! You can feel Yourself in the very heart of the nightlife of the big city! Everyone is hurring up to be in time for the hottest night!

  • the central object of the sculptural composition - Peoples Friendship Arch; During the day You might miss this place but at night it is impossible to go through the symbol of closest relations between Russian and Ukranian people. You can see The Arch even from the left bank cause it has a color lighting.

  • Kiev architectural pearl, temple of muses - the Shevchenko National Opera of Ukraine; Magnificent and Magic Building. especially at night!!!

  • Khimera House, that looks like a mysterious castle. This place gives unbelievable feeling of mistery even by the day. At night - its even more )


What is the next? Fixed the beauty of night city it is the time to make the trip about the most interesting and hot places of night club life!

So then - You will find out everything about it and for the night You even become a part of it! )

The first place of visiting is - Corsair Restaurant in Podol.

If You come to Corsair bar, You'll find Yourself in the atmosphere of a ship,
There on the miracle-ship You’ll taste excellent food.
With the cuisine of different foreign countries visited by out captain.
French man as a true gourmet, meet You with kindness
There are a lot of bottles of vine
You’ll see masts, sail and steering wheel 

It is unique place which will remind You about sea adventures, like in Your childhood dreams. Here You’ll taste corsic meals with different kinds of fish, meat courses and seefoods.  

The next stop is…

Restaurant “Chocolate”

High society of Kiev, spend here their rest. Chocolate is a pre-party restaurant for young people who appreciate comfort and their time.

Everything here is connected with music. Cuisine of restaurant includes European fusion, grill menu, sushi menu.

Then we will visit…Karaoke-bar “Liquor”

Karaoke- bar is a great place for those who likes both things such as, listening to music and having time with good friends and also singing. Here You can test Yourself in singing Russian and foreign hits alive.

We guarantee for You high mood, light-hearted rest and favourite songs!

In the Night Club Stolitsa is waiting for You!

Entertaiment complex Night Club Stolitsa is situates in the center of the capital, in European Square not far from Water Museum.

The buildings of the complex belong to the historical monuments.

We also invite You to visit…


It is a very popular place for young people. Here is elegant interior, uncommon atmosphere of hospitality and kindness, soft lighting and low music.

Of course, it is hard to believe that You can use one night ONLY to visit all these places but we just want to show You that there are many things and sites You should visit in NightLifeKiev!!!

Hope that our guide gives You unforgettable memories and makes You come back Kiev! ) We are awaiting for You!

For more information about this tour, please call +380 44 495 56 70 or mailto: info@albatros.travel