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Tsarske Selo

Рестораны Киева (VIP-class)

Belveder Lypsky Osobnyak LEO Club Mario Egoist




Restaurant "
Tsarske Selo"

Tsarske Selo Restaurant is the first Ukrainian national cuisine restaurant opened in 1998. We dearly preserve the best traditions of the Ukrainian hospitality and create a unique atmosphere of comfort and friendliness to be enjoyed by each of our visitors.

We are located at the very heart of Kyiv City – on Ivan Mazepa Street, only a brick throw away from the Pecherska Lavra, in the former gunpowder storage facility of the Pecherskiy stronghold.
The ancient Ukrainian cuisine recipes and delicate aromas in the atmosphere of the true tsar village make each of our visitors a true gourmand.

Generosity and abundance – these are the two of our main rules. Bon appetite and have a truly tsar-like rest!
Address: 24/1, Ivana Mazepy st., Kyiv  
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Restaurant "O'Panas"

Kyiv is crowded with folklore places. But, ask any expert to suggest you a good Ukrainian restaurant—one of the first named will be “O'Panas”. And it is including the fact that European cuisine is treated here not less than Ukrainian.

In the restaurant “O'Panas”, conveniently situated in the very center of the city, in one of the most picturesque parks of Kyiv, you can revel in Ukrainian dinner uniqueness. The Ukrainian interior made in the style of Ukranian Barocco it out gainfully among the other similar places. Thanks to huge windows you will be able to enjoy, peculiar only to “O'Panas”, diaramic view of one of the oldest parks in Kyiv—Taras Shevchenko Park.
The wooden hatynka with a mill-wheel that goes round, a real tree that grows under the thatched roof—is the best place for having rest. It attracts you with its comfort and friendliness. It is a place with Ukrainian culture, traditions and manners.

Address: 10, Tereshenkivska st., Kyiv  
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Restaurant "Taras"

Taras Restaurant is a restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine and traditions with consistently high quality of all components.

Few restaurants in Kiev, including Taras restaurant, were recommended in the business community for serious status of activities, including the participation of foreign guests.

These recommendations are better than any advertisement that indicates a serious approach to detail banquets, corporate parties, family gatherings, children's parties and dinners in a narrow circle, who are willing to organize our restaurant.

The menu can be styled as a national cuisine, and traditional European

Address: 84 B, Pobedy ave., Kyiv    
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Restaurant "Lypsky Osobnyak"

In 2002 "Mirovaya Karta" restaurant network had announced the opening of Haute Ukrainian restaurant - first in Ukraine. "Lipsky Osobnyak" had appeared in due time and right place – in dilapidated building at Lipska Street (Yekaterininska Street in the XIX century) which had experienced its second birth.

Drawing room is striking with combination of space and chamber created by dark wood decoration, claret-coloured furniture upholstery, antique grand piano Shröeder and light play in pendants of massive chandelier. Spacious staircase leads to the Gallery where graceful antique bagatelles are there along with old books. Real fire is merrily flaming in fireplace at the Fireplace lounge where walls are decorated with Ukrainian baroque ornament. And a little away there is a freshly purling fountain at lonely, shady summer mansion’s terrace facing the yard.

Address: 15, Lypska st., Kyiv  
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Restaurant "Spotykach"

When you get into Spotykach, it seems like you find yourself in the 60s of the last century, and you become the guest of the previous period of thaw and big hopes. Every interior detail brings you warm memories about childhood, school years, first love…

In the varied restaurant menu you will find everything you are looking for:  classic tasty Mimoza salads, vinaigrettes and Olivier salads, pickled mushrooms,  herring with anchovy, home sausages, real Ukrainian borshch, pancakes and vareniki, as well as the main dish of the Slavic table -  legendary chicken Kiev cutlets!

Here everybody will find his favorite table, and choose the most popular menu items. There is no doubt that Spotykach is able not only to catch up but also to surpass, however at the beginning it will show itself off!

Address: 16, Volodymyrivska st., Kyiv  
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Restaurant "Belveder"

Belvedere Restaurant is located in the historic heart of the city, on a high hill overlooking the Dnieper at Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the bank of the Dnieper, with emphasis on the left bank of the city.

Italians call the Belvedere is located in an elevated gazebo or observation tower and the word literally means "beautiful view".

The restaurant seats all facing the panorama - an arrangement reached in Kiev for the first time, using multi-level interior.

Belvedere menu in addition to a master list of selected culinary hits, has a sushi list, and special offers.
Address: 1, Dnipro line, Kyiv   
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Restaurant «Shynok» 

Ukrainian folk restaurant “Shinok” opened in 2007 and became the favorite place for those who love Ukrainian cuisine and traditions.

Traditional dishes. The best dishes from all over Ukraine. Menu select: smoked sausage, "vareniki" - authentic Ukrainian dish - ravioli with different stuffings, thick vegetable soup with pork ribs "borsch", sal’theson – sausage cooked with liver and kidneys. Grilled meat and fish. Home-made pastries. Traditional Ukrainian homemade bread with garlic dressing - pampoushky.

Special offers. Wide selection of strong alcohol drinks - genuine Ukrainian "nastoyanka". Home-made pickles. Banquet menu.

Address: 28 V, Lesia Ukrainka boul., Kyiv  
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Ресторан "LEO Club"

LEO restaurant has managed to combine breathtaking luxury with unsurpassed hospitality and indeed became the gem among recreational facilities of the capital.

Having inherited the best traditions of restaurant business, LEO won respect of the city dwellers and its visitors. Refined skill of the gifted chef who works with the best quality products has been highly appreciated by the most exacting connoisseurs. High level of service impresses even foreign guests who perfectly understand what a premium-class restaurant should be!

A competent sommelier can always advise what to select from elite wines. One can be confident in order and coordinated actions of the service staff which is ensured by competent administrators.

Address: 20, Parkava st., Kyiv  
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Restaurant "Pervak"

When choosing a particular institution attracts people in the first place, the atmosphere, which must comply with the request and the internal state of the visitor. But an important component of good rest in the restaurant are service and delicious food.

The restaurant has eight rooms - and each has its own atmosphere to match your mood, as well as original interior, details of which can be considered infinite.

For example, the Left and Right Khreshchatyk Hall Khreshchatyk Hall noisy and crowded. Guests want to spend time in a big company and have fun as they say, a taste of life.

The restaurant has room for everyone.

Address: 2, Rognedyncka st., Kyiv  
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Restaurant "Mario"

Respectable club-restaurant Mario can be found in one of the oldest and most aristocratic places in the center of Kiev - near the old botanical garden. This is a true island classic Italian style located in the old mansion of the 19th century, ballroom and lounge is transformed into a luxurious restaurant halls, banquet rooms, a spacious lounge bar and a cozy summer terrace.
Literally from the first day of opening the restaurant has won fame as one of the best metropolitan restaurants luxury of choice for leisure and personal celebrations, many prominent people of the country. Its walls are trying to create art projects and presentations to their best show-business stars, Mario selected rooms for business lunches and business policies.

The restaurant's cuisine is the best traditions of Italian cooking. The menu includes the most popular national dish in several regions of Italy. An extensive wine list offers selected drinks producers, not only Italy but also France, Spain, Chile and Georgia. Fine Italian delicacies, famous recipes, exclusive dishes from the chef's dishes, designed for children. The restaurant "Mario" guess the tastes of the most demanding gourmets.

 Address: 14 A, Tolstogo str., Kyiv    
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Restaurant "Egoist"

Egoist restaurant is located on two levels. Each of the rooms - this is a unique experience. The ground floor is represented "fireplace," which will give guests the atmosphere of home comfort and warmth, and the history of fashion and portraits of famous selfish.

The interior of the upper halls of the restaurant is designed in the aesthetics of XIX beginning of XX century. "White Room" - where snow-white exclusive furniture and curtains set the tone of solemnity, as well as "Hunting" room, where the days spent in hunting, remind - bronze statues and paintings.

For our younger guests the restaurant has a special place - in the restaurant have a games room, where every kid can find a hobby, and over the weekend with a little selfish pleasure meet animators.

 Address: 44, Moskovska str. , Kyiv    
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