14 of February – Valentine’s Day
We offer to spent it in Kiev

All is begun with love...
They say: “There was a word in the beginning.”
But I proclaim again:
All is begun with love!..

 We invite You to the city tour with romantic motives.

Day 1

Meeting at airport/train terminal. During this excursion You will see that Kiev - is a city of contrasts, where ancient spirit is combined with dynamic present time, where You can find greenery at the city center, where noisy highways adjoin with quite and comfortable streets.

Our small trip starts from the T. Shevchenko boulevard. According to one of the city legends at the beginning of XIX century small seedlings of chestnut where planted at this boulevard, but king Nikolay I didn’t like these trees. He wishes to see slim, like a cypress, poplars instead of chestnuts, and now we can see it.

Our trip continues, and here we are near the Sophia cathedral, which was built in the beginning of XI century after the win of prince Yaroslav Mudry against the pechenigs. Here You can see magnificent murals and mosaics of the Cathedral, You will see Sophia belfry, will walk through the Sophiyska and Mikhaylivska squares. And of course nobody remain indifferent after walking through the famous Anrdiivkyy uzviz, with its unique atmosphere. This small street comes down through Vladimir’s hill, sinking in its greenery, to the picturesque Podil. There are situated great number of cafes, restaurants, antique and souvenir shops , Bulgakov’s museum and unusual “The one street’s museum”. There You will be offered to buy some souvenirs for the memory about staying in Kiev.

On the street local artists display their works. To the right from the Andrew’s church, on Desyatynna street, is situated a monument to Pronya Prokopivna Sirkova and Svirid Petrovich Golohvastov, who are heroes of Mikhail Staritsky’s play “For two rabbits”.

Our excursion continues and now we are at the Pechersk. Its name Pechersk got after Kiev-Pecherska Lavra. Pechersk city was found by Peter I, when he found here old Pecherska fortress and a residence of Kiev governor. Empress Elizaveta continued his work and built a Royal palace. Mulberry-lime gardens of Lavra where crowded out by the houses of local reach people in XVIII-XIX century.

You will see famous: “Building with chimeras” – Kiev’s legend. Building is so unusual, that all the times it was full of legends and myths. Architect – Vladislav Gorodetsky – Kiev’s architect, who had an influence on all city architecture. Future court architect of the shah of Iran, pole, who were in love with Kiev, hunter and building innovator left this great building on Kiev hills.

You will hear one of the favorite legends of Kiev citizens about the building.
“House of crying widow” – You will now the legend of this house, which is decorated with a sculpture of woman’s head. When it is rainy, water flow down her cheeks, like a tears.
“Chocolate house”. Reach decorated penthouse chocolate colored, known almost by ever citizen. For long years here was placed palace of marriage. You will told about history of this building and about people, who are associated with it.
Penthouse of Kovaleskiy. Great monument in the style of ancient Italian castle. Romantic legend about love of its owner and young builder (but then famous maitr) P. Apeshin.

You will see building of theatre named after I. Franko – one of the most popular in Ukraine. Fom Nikolay Sadovskiy to Bogdan Stupka - at its stage were playing many great actors, who are the best in Kiev and Ukraine.
Building of the National Bank of Ukraine. According to current opinion it is one of the most beautiful building of the banking Europe. You will know, why it looks like that, and You will hear a history about architect who worked twice on the construction of the same building. And walk through the Mriinsky park and near the Mariinskiy palace complete our Excursion. Mariinskiy palace was architected by B. Rastrelli (now it is the residence of the President of Ukraine). Nearby You can find the building of Verkhovna Rada.

And finally, famous arched bridge – delicate construction above park descent – Bridge of Love. You will see a great number of different locks on it, which were putted there by newlyweds as a symbol of their eternal love.

Transfer to the hotel. Check in.

Free time.

Day 2

Late breakfast. You do not need to get up early to have breakfast. It is available up to 10 a.m. in the hotel's restaurant. Departure is planned before noon, therefore you have time to recollect the brightest yesterday's impressions and not to hurry packing you things. As soon as you are ready, our car will be waiting near the hotel to take you to the airport or to the railway station.

The tour price
(Price includes: accommodation, entrance fee to museums, transportation service)

per 2 person 320$ (accommodation in the Bakkara 3* Hotel)
340$ (accommodation in the Lybid 3* Hotel, Rus 3* Hotel, Khreschatik 3* Hotel)
per 4 person 480$ (accommodation in the Bakkara 3* Hotel)
520$ (accommodation in the Lybid 3* Hotel, Rus 3* Hotel,  Khreschatik 3* Hotel)
per 1 person
with a group more 10 person
80$ (accommodation in the Bakkara 3* Hotel)
90$ (accommodation in the Lybid 3* Hotel, Rus 3* Hotel,  Khreschatik 3* Hotel)
For more information about this tour, please call +380 44 495 56 70 or mailto: info@albatros.travel