Weekend tours ::: May holidays in Kyiv

Day 1 – Kyiv

1000               Meeting at the railway station or airport. Breakfast (at own bill).
1100 – 1500  Sightseeing excursion "All Kiev" with visits to the Cathedral of St. Sophia.

During the city tour we will show you the capital of Ukraine and the cradle of East Slavic states of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Kiev - is a beautiful city with long history and rich culture. Tour includes a visit to St. Vladimir's Cathedral, the most striking example of sacred paintings of the late XIX century, painted by world renowned masters. You will see magnificent mosaics and frescoes of St. Sophia Cathedral. It was built in the beginning of XI century. In honor of the victory of Prince Yaroslav the Wise over the tribes Pechenegs. You walk along the Sofia and St. Michael's squares, bordered by gold-domed cathedrals.

1500 – 1600  End of excursion and leisure time.

Day 2 – Kyiv

0700 – 1000  Breakfast in the hotel.
1000 – 1330  Visit to the National Kyiv-Pechersk Historical and Cultural Reserve.

The monastery was founded in the mid XI century. AD This is one of the most ancient monasteries on the territory of Eastern States. You will visit the underground labyrinth of caves with mummies of monks, Museum of Microminiature Museum Gold Room, where you will see a rich collection of Scythian gold and a collection of the Judaic ritual silver objects XVIII-XX centuries.
The reserve is located on the picturesque hills, from which you can admire the marvelous view of the gold-domed monastery and the beautiful shores of the Dnipo River.

1330 – 1430  Lunch at a local cafe (at own bill).
1430 – 1800 After lunch the excursion continues in one of the most attractive places of the city. This is the "Montmartre of Kiev"  which is called  Andrew's Descent.

St. Andrew's Church, which is located in the very beginning of the descent grandly opens the way to the winding streets, which is a favorite place for Kiev and guests for its unusual atmosphere. At the end of the descent you will look an extraordinary tour of the museum. And right behind him gaze enjoy one of the oldest districts of Kiev - Podol.

1800              End of excursion and leisure time.

Day 3 – Kyiv

0700 – 1200 Breakfast in the hotel. Free time.
1200 – 1600 Today we go to the Museum of Architecture and Life, which is located in the picturesque suburb of Kiev in the village of Pirogovo.

This is one of the world's largest open-air museums. Its area is about 159 hectares of its territory are over 300 unique pieces of folk architecture XVI - XX centuries, such as churches, houses, outbuildings and workshops. Here you will find household items, tools, samples of clothing and folk art. The museum collection includes about 80 thousand items. You will get acquainted with Ukrainian village life, customs and traditions of different regions of the country, will see the beauty and diversity of Ukrainian nature.

1600 – 1700 Transfer in the city. and leisure time.