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Panoramic city tour of Lvov

Duration 3 hours

Lviv is the cultural center of western region of Ukraine. Guests of the city are always attracted by the magic atmosphere of Lvov and the peculiar nature of the city as well as all region. The city was settled down by one of the Galicia princes for his son Leo. That gave the name of the city. Ancient Lvov has diverse architectural surroundings. It was formed with various advanced stylistic directions of European art of the XIII – XX centuries and different national cultural traditions. The heart of the ancient city is Rynok Square the four corners of which are decorated with fountains depicting Greek Gods. Here one can upstairs the 65-metres high Town Hall and enjoys nice view over Lvov. You can see the clockwork of the Town Hall that has been serving precisely for over 150 years. Also You will enjoy architecture of the Gothic Latin Cathedral, Baroque Cathedrals of Bernardines, Jesuits and Dominicans, ruins of the all-Europe-famous Golden Rose Synagogue, magnificent city fortifications, incl. the Town and Royal Armouries, Gunpowder Tower. The Pharmacy Museum holds rich collections of ancient medical and pharmacy equipment, prescription books and rare herbs. One can taste here unique “ferrous wine”.

Museum of Ethnography and Crafts

 Duration 2 hours

It is the only one of its kind in Ukraine, this museum is a must for everyone, who is interested in the spiritual and material culture of the Ukrainian people, for those who wants to know local customs and traditions.

There are unique collections such as ceramics, woodcarving, embroidery, carpet weaving, glass-blowing and metal-working of craftsmen from Lviv, the Gutsul region and other western parts of Ukraine.

 Visit to Historical-Memorial Museum Lychakiv Cemetery

 Duration 2 hours

It is one of the most unique complexes among historical-cultural monuments of Lviv, one of the most valuable collections of highly artistic necropolis sculptures.

It is the burial place of many outstanding Ukrainian and Polish people who lived and worked in Lviv. Many artistic sculptures made by prominent European artists. The cemetery is often compared with the cemetery Per la Chaise in Paris and Highgate cemetery in London.


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Visit to Pochaiv Cave Monastery

Duration 6-7 hours

It is a Monastery, the holy place for Orthodox Christians, which is located on the Western Ukraine 140 km from Lvov and 70 km from Ternopol.

According to the chronicles, the monastery was built on the hill were the Holy Virgin appeared in 1240. The St. Virgin left stamp of Her right foot on the place of Her appearance. From that moment the footstep have became the spring of the miraculous water. For many centuries the monastery have been famous by its miraculous icon of the Holy Virgin and the relics of venerable Iov – Father Superior of the monastery (1551-1651).

Golden Horseshoe of Western Ukraine

Duration 8 hours

Oles’ko Castle. Built on the top of a picturesque hill and surrounded by a splendid park it is considered to be an outstanding relic of architecture and history of XIII - XVIII centuries.

From powerful fortress XIV century. the castle had been developed into a residence of Polish magnates and was rebuilt in the spirit of Italian Renaissance in the 1620s.

Now a rich collection of unique works of paintings, sculpture, applied art X - XIX centuries are exhibited in the museum.

Pidhirtsi Castle. The former residence of Polish gentry families is considered to be one of the most beautiful pieces of fortification architecture in Ukraine.

It looks more like a palace than a fortress. The ensemble of XVII c. includes the palace enclosed by ramparts and ditches, the Baroque Latin cathedral, entrance gate and park of XVIII c with old branchy lime-trees.

Further on we move to Zolochiv Castle erected in 1630s as a citadel with bastions. It is surrounded by high ramparts with hexahedral watchtowers and contains

Big palace built in late-Renaissance style and Chinese palace. The three castles are the main points of Golden Horseshoe that runs among picturesque wooded hills with ancient golden-domed churches.

The marvelous view of landscapes will give you a real pleasure.    

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