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Popular Cities of Ukraine

>> Kyiv

The Kiev city is a very ancient. In the Kiev the spirit of olden time with dynamical modernity was bound. You will see culture, sights and life of ancient city. You will see Kiev the capital of Ukraine and the cradle of Eastern Slavonic states of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. It is a beautiful city with its centuries-old history and rich culture. more>>>


>> Odessa

The Odessa city - a city on the Black Sea coast of Ukraine, the administrative center of the Odessa area and the historic center, the largest port in Ukraine, a major industrial, cultural, scientific and resort center, the center of highways and railways. As the number of inhabitants (1 008 600 people in 2009) is the fourth in the country.


>> Lviv

The Lviv city - this is a wonderful city, rich in history, architectural monuments and cultural values. In recent decades, interest tourists to the ancient city's Leo particularly increased. Visitors and tourists of the city attracted not only historical and architectural heritage, but also the opportunity to join the many cultural events held in the Lviv. From all over the world flock to Lviv tourists, business people and just adventurers .  more>>>


>> Kamenets-Podolsky

Great unity of the landscape and architecture of the city, the mastery of many generations of architects, completed the ingenious creation of nature, the delight of the conquerors of all time. Travelers stayed shaken city-fortress-Podilskiy and which seemed the perfect sculpture towered on a rocky pedestal. more>>>




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