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Geography of Ukraine

Ukraine - the state in the East Europe. In the south it is washed Black and the Azov seas. 

  • In the east, northeast and the north borders with Russia;
  • In the north — with Belarus;
  • In the west — with Poland, Slovakia and Hungary;
  • In the south-west — with Romania and Moldova;

The territory of Ukraine measures 1316 km from the West to the East and 893 km from the north to the south.
The geographical center of Ukraine is in the city of Shpola of the Cherkasskaya area.

Extreme points of territory of Ukraine:

  • In the north – Petrovka village (Chernigov area);
  • In the south - cape Sarych (Autonomous republic of Crimea);
  • In the west – Chop city (Zakarpatskaya area);
  • In the east - Krasnaya Zvezda village (Lugansk area).

The total area of Ukraine is 603700 km, that makes 5,7 % of territory of Europe and 0,44 % of the world territory. 

Ukraine is the largest country which area is located completely on the territory of Europe, the second country in Europe by the size of its territory. Length of sea border: 1355 km (across Black sea — 1056,5 km; across sea of Azov — 249,5 km; across Kerch strait — 49 km).

The geographical center of Europe is on the territory of Ukraine, not far from Rahov city of Transcarpathian area. Ukraine is within the limits of East European plain, in zones of the pine and mixed woods, forest-steppe and steppe. More than 60 % of territory of the country (forest-steppe and steppes) are borrowed black earth soils. To the north from black earth belt are widespread grey wood and sod-podzol soils under the mixed woods, to the south — dark-chestnut and chestnut soils under dry steppes.

Towering in the west of Ukraine - Carpathians (Goverla 2061m) and on the Crimean peninsula - Crimean mountains (Roman-Kosh 1545m), protect by theirs "bodies" a local microclimate from sharp differences of temperatures.

As a whole the climate of Ukraine can be characterized as temperate continental climate, on southern coast of Crimea the climate is passing in a subtropical Mediterranean belt with temperature parameters in the summer 26 above zero, in the winter 4 above zero.

The heights (Volynskaya, Podolskaya, Priazovskaya, the Donetsk range) and lowlands (Polesskaya, Pridneprovskaya, Prichernomorskaya) which are borrowing 5% only from the general territory of geography of Ukraine allow us to speak about this country as about «plain of Europe».

From the north to the south gradually changing the look from the mixed woods up to forest-steppe and steppes the nature of Ukraine is especially good in 15 reserves of the country, among which Chernomorsky, Polesskiy, Carpathian, Shatsky and “Podolsk Toltry” national parks, and also amazing arboretum «Sophievka» (Uman).