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Origins of name "Ukraine"

The word "Ukraine" - has slavonic grounds, meaning first border, land, territory. Most probably that it has Indo-European root *(s)krei - (to separate, to cut). There are different thoughts and opinions about real etymology of the word, nevertheless there is certain synoymous connection with the word "princedom" - giving land, "cutted", "ukraena" to the prince.

An analogue is the German word “Inland”, which means “internal, the own land”. Other researchers deduce the word from value «the most remote territory», «boundary».

This interpretation connects occurrence of the word with significantly more recent historical period, and directly contradicts existing annalistic certificates of the XIIth century. Besides such interpretation contradicts the used annalistic form of the word as the same Kievs’ Ukraine or major part of Pereyaslavs’ Ukraine were in the center of the Kievan Rus.

In addition, from the linguistic point of view, a transition of initial «o-» («okraina») in «u-» («ukraina») is doubtful as does not answer phonologic laws neither Ukrainian nor Russian languages. In fact «Ukraine» - means literally - «the land allocated for us from general, separated from other», shortly speaking - «our own land».